Wellness is a state of well-being. It is a dynamic process of finding balance between physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, occupational and social health.
The concept of physical fitness initially stemmed from the exercise revolution of the 70's. This era was popular among the jogging enthusiasts to stay fit.  Step aerobics was popular in the 80's. From the mid 90's to early part of 2000, Yoga had become the next big thing to stay physically and mentally fit. 
In this early part of the 21st Century, we are constantly facing challenges in our daily lives. Some of us are overwhelmed with emotional upheavals that may be stemming from single parenting, couples discourse, personally affected by disease process, taking care of ill parents or a sick child or facing financial burden is only a few reasons for emotional unrest. 
Other challenges include spiritual conflicts within. 
Intellectual health is very important for personal growth and finding contentment. It is a lifetime pursuit to expand knowledge, improve skills in a structured and organized fashion to perhaps, share with others.
Occupationally, we are often faced with many challenges depending on the dynamics of our profession. OSHA has been instrumental with workplace safety. 
Finally, the social well being is very important. Especially now, where the computer based social platforms can be a place for find friendships and even love. But, not everyone is social platform savvy and shy away from using computer based social networks. 
Whatever the challenges may be, Community Urgent Care is here to help you achieve the ultimate wellness. We do offer Bio-Metric Screening and Annual Physical Exams to guide you in the right direction. Schedule yours Bio-Metric Screening or an Annual Physical Exam today.