Annual Preventive Exam

The emphasis is on Prevention. This exam is also known as preventive health care visit or a yearly check-up. During this type of visit, time is spent listening to your concerns and providing counseling for your particular needs.

What to expect during your Annual Preventive Exam

At the time of your annual preventive exam, your physician will review your health history with you. This is a good time to update your Primary Care Physician if there is any change in your  personal health or in your family's health. 

This time is effectively used to assess your lifestyle behavior risks like excessive alcohol consumption, continued smoking, inappropriate diet, lack of exercise and sexual health. Your vaccination status will also be reviewed at this time.

As part of the physical exam, your vital signs are objectively reviewed. Physical exam includes General Appearance which speaks volumes about how one talks, walks, process information and level of comfort. Physical Exam also includes and is not limited to Skin, Head, Neck , Heart, Lungs, Abdomen, Neurologic and Extremities. 

Depending on age dependent risk factors, Male Exam may include Testicular, Hernia, Penile and or Prostate Exam. Female Exam may include Breast and Pelvic Exam.

Laboratory Test

Lab tests may be ordered based on certain risk factors. These may include Complete Blood Count, Detailed Chemistry Panel, Fasting Lipid panel, Thyroid studies, Diabetes Check and or Urinalysis. Other specialized tests may be ordered for certain medical conditions.

Health Insurance Coverage

Not all health insurance coverage is the same. Most health insurance plans will cover the cost of Preventive Health Exam, including the Co-Pay. Be sure to contact your Health Insurance Plan to find out more about your coverage.